Woulg creates dark sonic landscapes disrupted by glitches that are equally likely to break into hypnotic pounding techno as they are to expand into ambient bubbles of texture ready to burst; reminding us that nothing lasts, that we should always expect the unexpected. His mind bending live sets explore these ideas while taking the crowd on an unpredictable journey, inexorably leading to dance.


Selected Performances:

Origins of Entropy (Between Sydney and Canberra, Australia)
Asylum Speakers (Sydney, Australia)
microMutek (Bogota, Colombia)
Outlier Recordings 5th Anniversary (New York, USA)
Alberta College of Art and Design (Calgary, Canada)
International Symposium of Electronic Art ISEA2015 (Vancouver, Canada)
Godsbanen (Aarhus, Denmark)
Mapping Festival (Geneva, Switzerland)
Acephale (Frankfurt, Germany)
8 Bitow (Poznan, Poland)
British Film Institute as part of Digital Quebec by MUTEK/ELEKTRA (London, England)
Berklee Masters Campus (Valencia, Spain)
MUTEK.ES (Barcelona, Spain)
TivoliVrendenburg (Utrecht, Netherlands)
Faites Votre Jeu (Frankfurt, Germany)
Babycastles (New York, USA)
Societe des Arts Technologique – IX Symposium – Projection Dome Stage (Montreal, Canada)
Societe des Arts Technologique – Projection Dome Stage (Montreal, Canada)
Eclipse Festival Lunar Stage (near Ile Bitobig, Canada)
Fractalfest Main Stage (Fractal Forest, USA)
Habitat Numerik – Nuit Blanche (Montreal, Canada)
Piknic Electronique (Montreal, Canada)
Matahari Loft – Inductive Prism (Montreal, Canada)
Mutek Nuit Blanche (Montreal, Canada)
Mutek 2015 (Montreal, Canada)

Woulg and Push 1 Stop
Miraikan – Mutek Japan – Projection Dome (Tokyo, Japan)
Kyoto University of Art and Design (Kyoto, Japan)
Sonicu Music Venue (Wuhan, China)
Dada Club (Beijing, China)
Fabrica – Mutek Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)
Societe des Arts Technologique – Projection Dome Stage (Montreal, Canada)
Eloi – Chromatic Opening Party (Montreal, Canada)


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